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“Unless you work completely solo, you will have co-workers, supervisors and/or direct-report employees,” explains Elizabeth Grimm, a librarian at the Rasmussen College Fort Myers campus. She adds that effective teamwork and collaboration not only helps with efficiently completing tasks but can also open your eyes to ideas or solutions you may never have considered.

Another benefit is that teamwork teaches you how to have interpersonal skills. Working with others to coordinate schedules, meet deadlines and make decisions will strengthen your relational interactions. Teamwork can also improve the outcome of a project because you’re able to draw upon each other’s unique strengths. The emotional support offered from group members is an added benefit.

Our Team

Dr. Elvis Denzil PaulVice Principal

Total Exp. : 10 yrs.

Age : 36 yrs.

Mrs. Rashi PaulHead Mistress

Total Exp. : 08 yrs.

Age : 33 yrs.

Mr. Ravinder K. AmairIncharge

Total Exp. : 30 yrs.

Age : 51 yrs.

Mr. G.P. TiwariSenior Teacher

Total Exp. : 30 yrs.

Age : 55 yrs.

Dr. Nitin SharmaSenior Teacher

Total Exp. : 20 yrs.

Age : 46 yrs.

Mrs. V. KathuriaSenior Teacher

Total Exp. : 05 yrs.

Age : 32 yrs.

Mrs. Suprabha JosephSenior Teacher

Total Exp. : 16 yrs.

Age : 38 yrs.

Mrs. Padma PillaiSenior Teacher

Total Exp. : 25 yrs.

Age : 53 yrs.

Mrs. Lynda Ghosh Senior Teacher

Total Exp. : 16 yrs.

Age : 51 yrs.

Mr. Naveen PatelTeacher

Total Exp. : 16 yrs.

Age : 45 yrs.

Mr. Abhishek VishwakarmaTeacher

Total Exp. : 6 yrs.

Age : 30 yrs.

Mr. Mayank DavidSenior Teacher

Total Exp. : 05 yrs.

Age : 32 yrs.

Mrs.Silochna Devi jain Teacher

Total Exp. : 02 yrs.

Age : 36 yrs.

Mr. Kevin RoyTeacher

Total Exp. : 01 yrs.

Age : 27 yrs.

Mr. Ravi Raj AhlawatTeacher

Total Exp. : 01 yrs.

Age : 28 yrs.

About Us

St. Paul’s School made its humble beginning on 1st January 1963. The School is situated in the heart of Jabalpur city having a good approach from all major avenues of the town. The School strictly adheres to the rules made by the Board of Secondary Education.

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1075, Napier Town, 4th Rly Bridege,
Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh
Pin-482001 India.

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